Human Trafficking Solutions

human trafficking solutionsWays to Prevent Human Trafficking

Justice for Youth exists to bring hope and human trafficking solutions to children and youth around the world. We accomplish this through bringing awareness, connecting resources and networking partners.

Other related issues we are concerned with are poverty, homelessness and HIV/AIDS or other life threatening diseases. We are committed to human trafficking solutions focusing on prevention, using an “all of the above” approach at the grassroots level.


Grassroots Human Trafficking Solutions

Human Trafficking:  30 million people are slaves today and have the right to be free.  We address this need by bringing awareness and providing support.  Short term projects include a poster campaign in Eastern Europe bringing human trafficking awareness in the schools by placing posters and conducting seminars systematically throughout Moldova, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.  Our long term commitment includes extensive mass media campaigns, partnerships for job creation and crisis counseling for victims.

Poverty: Thousands of children die daily because of hunger and unclean water. Poverty greatly affects children and their future, and is one of the ROOT CAUSES of human trafficking.  The slave trade preys on young people who are not prepared to transition to adulthood, or whose families are in dire need of income. JFY is committed to meeting this need by providing quality education programs, innovative agricultural programs, clean water projects and small business incubators.

Homelessness: In Eastern Europe alone, hundreds of thousands of young people live on the streets and many more are institutionalized in poor quality orphanages. Once they transition to young adulthood they become vulnerable to the slave trades. We help meet this need by assisting orphanages with program and facility improvements, adoptions and building new homes for orphans—providing solid footing for those transitioning to adulthood.

HIV/AIDS & other diseases: The infection rate of HIV/AIDS is growing faster in Eastern Europe than any other region in the world.  In the end, children are affected the most through either the loss of a parent of contracting the disease themselves. Many children have diseases that are curable but do not have access to proper or more advanced health care. We raise awareness for basic health and hygiene and connect quality health care to needy children around the world.

For more information and Solutions to End Human Trafficking, please check out the  JFY Trafficking Solutions Page

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