Human Trafficking Prevention

human trafficking preventionJustice For Youth  exists to bring hope to children and youth around the world victimized by human trafficking, poverty, homelessness , HIV/AIDS or other life threatening diseases.

The JFY Human Trafficking Prevention Strategy

Ways to Prevent Human Trafficking that we advocate…

Our current human trafficking prevention projects in Eastern Europe include:

Adopt a School: posters and seminars for at risk students in Moldova.

Primary Education: supporting an initiative to start 3,000 preschools in “at risk” areas in the former Soviet Union.

Summer Camps: mentoring and encouraging at risk youth in a fun, non threatening environment.

Our long term commitment includes extensive mass media campaigns, human trafficking prevention  seminars, Adopt a School Project, partnerships for job creation and crisis counseling for victims.

Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force

at risk youthHuman trafficking prevention begins with an understanding  that trafficking of women and children for the purpose of exploitation is the fastest growing crime in the 21st century.  Abolition efforts must begin at the grassroots level. Victims are typically teenage girls (in many cases, preteens) who are either abducted, recruited, or seduced—and then forced into sexual slavery. Eastern Europe is a world leader in international exportation of sex slaves.

Help us stop this vicious exploitation of youth. Join us in our  strategy to prevent human trafficking and rescue these young people before they are taken captive. Our Adopt A School campaign engages schools and orphanages with Youth at Risk Programs in Moldova, Ukraine and Kazakhstan with seminars, providing vital information warning those who are most at risk and working with at risk youth.

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