Human Trafficking Awareness In Moldova and Ukraine

human trafficking in moldovaJFY exists to bring hope to children and youth around the world victimized by human trafficking, poverty, homelessness and HIV/AIDS or other life threatening diseases.

We accomplish our mission through bringing awareness on the issue of human trafficking  and by connecting resources and networking partners. Our poster campaign strategy is geared to rescue at risk students before they are ensnared in the modern slave trade.

Human Trafficking Awareness Seminars

Human Trafficking: Over 27 million people are caught up in modern day–and have the right to be free.  Our strategy is to bring awareness and provide support to at risk youth and students who are prime targets of the slave trades.  At present we are engaged in a  human trafficking awareness poster and seminar campaign, endeavoring to reach all the schools to prevent human trafficking in Moldova and Ukraine,  warning young people and families on the deceptions and strategies of  the traffickers.  Our long term commitment  includes extensive mass media campaigns, partnerships for job creation and crisis counseling for modern slave trade victims. Our strategy in the schools is geared specifically to prevent human trafficking in Moldova.

Human Trafficking In Moldova

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. The slave trade is alive and well there. Young Women in Moldova  are often betrayed by family members who are bought off by the syndicates.  Human trafficking in Moldova and Ukraine is at epidemic proportions because both of these countries are are teeming with  ‘at risk’  youth and children– extremely vulnerable to human trafficking strategies.  Our goal is to offer you updated human trafficking statistics to get your attention and relevant human trafficking solutions to encourage your involvement.  As a human trafficking charity committed to prevention, we invite you to join us as we seek to rescue these young people BEFORE they are ensnared.

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