Sex Trafficking Examined

There is no problem as daunting as the sex trafficking epidemic. Now the second most lucrative organized crime in the world (only drugs is greater), human trafficking takes its greatest toll on “at risk” young people who bear that distinction because of poverty, social disintegration, and a basic ignorance of the strategies of traffickers that maliciously and systematically stalk them.

sex traffickingHere at JFY we continue to be encouraged by what we see happening in the hearts and minds of the Millennial generation—those born between 1982 and 2004. We believe that this generation of young people, who face monumental social challenges, are ready and willing rise up and tackle the difficult problems head on.

 I learned a lot about sex trafficking.  Before starting this assignment I read  stories about sex trafficking, but never understood the reasons behind certain actions. Now I do.


We recently received correspondence from a 16 year old student in the Netherlands who asked a lot of questions about human trafficking in general, and sex trafficking in particular. She went on to produce a  report. We asked her to send it to us, and we found it impressive. We want to give you the opportunity to read this outstanding work. Click the button below to download the PDF.

Human Rights For Justice For Youth

Demi Vonk is a 16 year old “Millennial” born and raised in the Netherlands. She is in her 4th year of bilingual education and in her free time she likes to windsurf, ice-skate and have fun with her friends. She loves the music of Hawaiian singer Jack Johnson.

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