Help Stop Human Trafficking By Being Aware

How can you tell if someone in your neighborhood is a victim of human trafficking? Here are a few red flags to look for:

  • Person carries around hotel room keys
  • Person seems to be under the control of another person
  • Person seems to be under continual surveillance
  • Person has all contacts controlled and monitored
  • Person doesn’t  manage their own finances

What all of the above human trafficking flags have in common is a generic thread that runs through all human trafficking living conditions: control by another person or persons. Among indicators of human trafficking, this one is too often overlooked.

 More Slavery Signshuman trafficking signs

  • Person does not possess own ID or travel documentation accompanied by  lying about age
  • Person works excessively
  • Person lives in poor or cramped conditions such as multiple occupation households
  • Person is not paid or paid very little
  • Person lives with employer
  • Person speaks little or none of the local language
  • Person exhibits fear of of being deported
  • Person is seldom alone and not allowed privacy
  • Person as visible injuries such as scars, burns, lacerations and bruises.
  • Person has injuries around head, including the face, nose and mouth.
  • Person has untreated infections and sickness. You observe an appearance that betrays  poor health and unsanitary living conditions.
  • Person exhibits drug use.
  • Person exhibits compliant, fearful, panicky behavior.

While it might be true that organizations help stop human trafficking,  individuals can be a volunteer to stop human trafficking simply by tracking and reporting suspicious behavior that they notice going on around them.

Some other signs to look out for: the person exhibits emotional stress – depression,anxiety, despair,panic attacks,confusion, phobia’s,disorientation,self inflicted wounds, attempted suicide…is branded or tattooed with a man’s name or ‘daddy’…shows signs of feeling of helpless, shamed, humiliated, shocked, in denial, or in a state of disbelief… exhibits inability to make eye contact…shows extreme weight loss… gives inconsistent stories.



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