Gendercide: The War On Girls Is A Fact Of Life

war on girls Modern day slavery is an epidemic that has become so serious across the world that a wide variety of organizations and human trafficking charity groups are joining together to provide human trafficking solutions to combat the problem. The global war on girls is a modern day reality. These are our sisters and daughters we are talking about, after all. Information on human trafficking and gendercide  underscores the need for action at every level. Lack of information on the subject, unfortunately, still exists in our society.

More girls were killed, because they were girls, in the last decade, than were killed in all the genocides of the 20th century combined.


Have you ever wondered why we don’t hear more about the assault in youth at risk going on all around us? Or why more human trafficking statistics and solutions aren’t available where they are needed—in the homes of targeted young people? In a moment of open admission, author Nicolas Kristoff, (also a New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize writer) confesses: “When a prominent dissident was arrested in China, we would write a front page article. When 100,000 girls were routinely kidnapped and trafficked into the brothels, we didn’t even consider it news. Partly that is because we journalists tend to be good at covering events that happen on a particular day, but we slip at covering events that happen every day…”

Here are a couple of obvious human trafficking solutions:

1. Rescuing young people who are trapped in the modern day slave trade by going to where they are and purchasing them from the pimps, working through law enforcement, or simply helping them escape.

2. Applying preventative measures by educating young people in the schools on the dangers of human trafficking and the slave trade.

Of the two aforementioned human trafficking solutions, which do you think is the best approach? Justice For Youth, a human trafficking charity that focuses on the sex trafficking epidemic in Eastern Europe, has focused its efforts on conducting seminars the schools, and rescuing young people before they are enslaved.

Here is some information on human trafficking you should consider. Some startling statistics…It is a known fact that if nature takes its course, there will be a larger population of women than men in any given culture. This is due to the fact that men generally do not live as long as women.

* With that in mind, it is estimated that between 60-100 million females are missing from the globe today.

* Every year, another 2 million girls disappear because of gender discrimination. The War On Women begins at an early age.

* China, the largest nation on earth, is committing gendercide. As a result it has 107 males to every 100 females. India has a 108 to 100 ratio. In Pakistan it is 111 to 100. These are three examples of countries that have a high level of gender discrimination.

* Fact:  There are more slaves in bondage today, at this very moment, than were bartered in four centuries of transatlantic slave trade.

* Fact: It is the countries with the most straight laced and sexually conservative societies, such as India , Pakistan and Iran, that have disproportionately large numbers of forced prostitutes

* More girls were killed, because they were girls, in the last decade, than were killed in all the genocides of the 20th century combined.

For more information on human trafficking and human trafficking solutions, explore our website—and be sure to check out our advocacy site.  JFY is a human trafficking charity dedicated to combating human trafficking among at risk youth in Moldova and Ukraine.

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