Amnesty is a prestigious organization known for its fight for the rights of political prisoners, against forced marriages, against summary executions, etc. And it is now campaigning for men’s rights to access the bodies of those more vulnerable than themselves. This is both shocking and hard to understand.

Amnesty International, for most of us, is an organization that garners our respect as an organization that stands up for the displaced and persecuted in the world. And rightly so. Their stated objective is

“to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.”

Yet according to a leaked policy document from Amnesty International, the organization in fact is committed to upholding the rights of sex trafficking clients and pimps, the very one’s who systematically and violate vulnerable women and perpetuate the sex trafficking cycle. To quote the policy paper:

“Amnesty International is opposed to the criminalization or punishment of activities related to the buying or selling of consensual sex between adults. Amnesty International believes that seeking, buying, selling and soliciting paid sex are acts  protected from state interference as long as there is no coercion, threats or violence associated with those acts.”

Former US president Jimmy Carter, a big supporter of Amnesty International, wrote a letter to the organization to register his objection. (See below).

carter rebukes amnesty international

For Amnesty International to seek to uphold the “right” of johns and pimps to continue to exploit women under the guise of “consensual sex” is as unconscionable as it is absurd. Note the following facts passed on by our friends at Outside The Boxer:

  • 65% to 95% of prostituted women have been sexually assaulted or raped before they entered prostitution;
  • nearly half of them were victims of incest;
  • the average entry age into prostitution is THIRTEEN (13). A girl aged 12 or 13 years does not have the mental and emotional resources to deal with an older man who promises to love, safety and affection.
  • Over a third of runaways minors turn to prostitution to survive(called survival prostitution). And a third of runaways minors will be recruited by a pimp within 48 hours;
  • Nearly all prostituted women suffer from addiction (83% use heroin, cocaine, cannabis and alcohol)
  • Prostituted women suffer from psychological disorders (54% suffer from very severe depression, 42% had at least committed one suicide attempt)

There is much more on the subject that has been well documented in the following link.:

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