Serving At Risk Youth in Chang Rai

chang raiJustice For Youth Advocates Stasia and Chelsey Nielsen (a mother and daughter team) will be visiting Chang Rai, Thailand for a couple of weeks in May. Their mission: to serve at Home of the Open Heart, a shelter for HIV positive children.  It’s not too late for you to be involved in this effort. Stasia  shares how:

“We have our return tickets to Bangkok, Thailand in hand.  Although we are are still short of our goal by nearly $1300 USD, it is an absolute miracle that Chelsey and I leave for our much anticipated mission trip to the Home of the Open Heart in Chiang Rai, Thailand in just 17 days!
Why The Home of the Open Heart?  First and foremost, it was founded by dear friends of ours Paul and Penny Wilcox and instead of me trying to write something amazing about them and what they do, I would ask that you take a few moments and watch this video:



Chelsey and I are so very grateful for people who are standing with us in this project.  We still need  to see provision for our return trip airfare from Bangkok to Chiang Rai, as well as our ground fees.  We also hope to give a gift towards the fund for a well for the Home of the Open Heart.

 Imagine caring for these special children and mums with a compromised and unreliable water supply!

Our goal is to raise  $10,000 USD to build a well to provide IN HOUSE running water for all of the cottages on the property.  If 100 people gave $100 each, we could give them the gift of a well.  This is very doable!

Would you consider helping us with a gift?  Click here to access my PAYPAL PORTAL.  Please designate your gift {Mission Trip} or {Well for Home of the Open Heart}  Please use the Contact Form on my website if you have questions regarding your gift.”


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