shine moldovaRecently, over 70 people from across Europe gathered in Moldova to learn more about human trafficking and the devastating impact it’s making on the continent. Various organizations shared presentations and principles dealing with prevention, protection, prosecution and provision.

Human Trafficking Prevention focused mainly on the area of bringing awareness to people. But bringing awareness to the right people was the main point. Who are the main groups at risk of being trafficked?

Are these people hearing the message of warning? Prevention is about supply and demand so this message needs to target both the vulnerable, mostly the poor, and those who feel they need to exploit human life.

Protection for at risk youth dealt with establishing places of safety for persons who were trafficked and need protection from ruthless traffickers. Many examples were given from safe homes, transition homes, families and government or non-government institutes. All had their strengths and weaknesses but all were vital to help give protection from traffickers.

Prosecution of pimps and johns is needed to stop traffickers and their life-threatening crimes. Many countries today have lenient penalties towards trafficking and do little to deter human trafficking from multiplying. If traffickers are caught, because of corruption most are released with just a small fine. This needs to change. Stiff laws should be lobbied for and set in place to protect human life and dignity.

Provision is critical as well. People who were trafficked often need medical and emotional care. Their world has been shattered and they need help in putting their lives back together. Provision also deals with some of the underlying reasons why people are trafficked in the first place. Most of the reasons are economical and those reasons don’t go away after someone is freed from human slavery. Recovering victims are in desperate need for training and assistance in the area of job creation and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Participants of Shine Moldova went away much better networked and informed on the current issues relating to human trafficking across Europe. This horrific industry is growing and ever changing but there is hope, when people come together, to stop this trend towards the ugly exploitation of humanity.

Kelly Hoodikoff is Co-founder of JFY and an article contributor. He has worked in the area of anti-human trafficking since 2006. As a leading JFY advocate he is active in bringing awareness to the problem of human slavery. (Copyright 2014– Justice For Youth. All rights reserved.)
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