We recently posted a video on Stella’s Voice, a project in Moldova founded and led by Philip Cameron, a dedicated abolitionist  in Moldova. Philip is doing a work on the ground in Moldova that is powerful and transformational: rescuing trafficked girls and enfolding them, loving them and sheltering them.

Once Trafficked in Moldova, It’s An Uphill Battle

It has been documented that when traffickers pick up a girl in Moldova, offering her a good job and a promising future, within 24 hours she will have been beaten, raped and trafficked. The trauma of the experience of being trafficked is so great that even when girls are rescued, it is very difficult to pull their lives back together again. This is why we feel it is so imperative to get the message and warning out to the youth of Moldova BEFORE they are trafficked. Thus is what the JFY  Adopt A School Campaign in Moldova is all about.

Sadly, what I’ve learned from experience for many years now is that when you try to redeem them, most times they’ll be so broken inside that it’s really hard for them to come back. So our effort and our passion is to reach these kids before they fall off the cliff and get trafficked, and their lives are destroyed. (Phillip Cameron)

Here is a follow up video that goes even more in depth, describing the mission of Stella’s Voice. Very inspiring. Hope you enjoy it.

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