Trafficking does not just happen in a far-away place. It’s in our backyard.

Jillian Mourning was an everyday American girl who was searching for love and acceptance. Her good looks, strong drive to achieve, and trusting disposition made her a perfect target for human traffickers.

Jillian is now 25 years old and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a real head turner, with a stunning smile and gorgeous hair. She knows first hand what can happen to young women who try to enter this profession. Originally from Ohio, she graduated from East Lincoln High School in Denver, North Carolina, where she was one of the most popular girls in her graduating class. She attended the University of North Carolina where she graduated in 2010 with degrees in both International Studies and German. Read more about her biography on her Linkedin page here.

Abolitionist and Hero

Jill is now turning her own misfortune as a victim into help for others in similar situations. She started her own NGO for this work called All We Want Is Love which you can find  here.

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