Human Trafficking In Ukraine, From Ukraine and Around Ukraine

Eastern Europe is a major seedbed of international sex trafficking. Many thousands of girls from this region are smuggled across international borders to destinations all over the globe. Far too little is being done to stop it. This highly lucrative business thrives in countries where families struggle with poverty and unemployment.

Woman From Ukraine, as in Moldova, are willing to work hard and desperate for jobs. They will take risks to find a good job. But Human Trafficking Ukraine Victims’ Stories all have a common thread: deception. Many problems with human trafficking in Ukraine can be combated by education and counseling before the fact, which is why JFY is involved in human trafficking prevention seminars in the schools. The video below says that Russia is the number one destination for human trafficking in Ukraine.

Below is the link to the original article from the Iranian news site PRESS TV

Press TV: Human Trafficking In Ukraine
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