brothel childrenBorn Into Brothels

In the critically acclaimed brothel documentary “Born Into Brothels,” photographer Zana Briski goes to a red light district in Calcutta to see for herself what life is like there. Not able to get a genuine glimpse of what was really going on was a tad frustrating at first.

“It’s almost impossible to photograph in the red light district,” she explains. “It’s a whole separate society within itself. I mean, you just walk down that one lane and it’s another world.”


But something happened that took her venture down a whole new path:

“As soon as I enter the brothels I met the children…”

These remarkable little people swept her off her feet and she decided to try and see the world through their eyes. The documentary is the chronicle of eight children that she worked with and what she discovered as they opened up to her. A moment of truth arrives when one of the young girls confides

“The women ask me, ‘When are you going to join the line?’ The say it won’t be long.”

Zana realizes she needs to do something to try and get these children out of the brothels and into a safe place where they can thrive. Her response, and the adventures in photography and life that she experienced in Calcutta, are captured in this remarkable 2004 film.

Jyoti Kalash: Bringing Hope To Brothel Children

In west India, a group of dedicated people are have made it their life goal to reach the brothel kids and offer them hope. “Jyoti Kalash” is committed long term to making a real difference in the lives of  these brothel children of Mumbai, India’s largest city. These are children of trafficked women–commercial sex workers–and this NGO is committed to providing them a “safe place” to grow up.  Justice For Youth made contact with Vera Fernandes who works with JK. You can read more about Vera and what she is doing to help these kids by clicking the link below:


Reaching The Brothel Children
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