Sex Trafficking In the US? Now the Top Cash Source For Gangs in San Diego

It’s official: Sex Trafficking has surpassed drugs is now the number one gang related enterprise in San Diego County.

“They gifted these women,” San Diego Attorney Laura Duffy said. “They traded these women. They sold these women amongst each other. They marked these women like property. They tattooed them. They even barcoded some of these women.”

sex trafficking in USGang Related Sex Trafficking

In this age driven by smartphones and social media, Craig’s List and sites like, gangs and trafficking syndicates are making a killing on young girls across the US.

According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Alessandra Serrano, these  girls can bring in anywhere from $500 to $10,000 a night each depending on whether they work the street or an event.

These are our sisters, our daughters, our at risk kids.

Just this month the case of a federal indictment of 24 North Park gang members and their partners in crime brings to light a an ominous sex trafficking scourge that has spread across 46 cities and 23 states. Sixty girls were rescued, 11 were under 18.

These are not somebody else’s children,” Howe said. “These are our little girls who grew up in our neighborhoods, going to our schools. In some cases, they grew up in our own families.



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