The Gosnell Trial Should Be A Wake Up Call

Human Trafficking takes many forms. When profit is generated from the enslavement or destruction of human beings, we must speak out. Justice For Youth is an organization, like dozens of others worldwide, that seeks to champion the cause of “at risk” children and young people around the world. We stand against modern day slavery in all of its forms. We seek to prevent sex trafficking through raising awareness and educating young people at the grass roots level.

Too Much Silence On A Critical Human Rights Issue

Yet far too many of us who seek justice have been silent on the issue of abortion, in good measure because it doesn’t pass the test of political correctness. Too many of our friends and fellows who stand with us against human trafficking are “pro-choice,” meaning they support the right of a woman to terminate her pregnancy. Most want to leave the discussion there and not delve into the deeper, gory details of just how this termination process takes place. Nor do they want to spend too long discussing the questions that come up in this conversation:

When does human life begin? Why is the choice of the mother to escape the burden of motherhood more important than the right of the baby to live? What are the rights of a baby that survives a late term abortion and lay crying on the stainless steel counter top in the operation room? These little people who have no voice and are truly the most vulnerable among us, who will champion their cause?

Gosnell trialEnter the story of Kermit Gosnell, an abortion Dr in Philadelphia whose clinic has raked in  multiplied millions of dollars  performing abortions these past 30 years. The Kermit Gosnell trial–coined now by at least one journalist as the “Kermit Gosnell House of Horrors”  has been underway since March 18th that up until a couple of days ago was virtually ignored by the press and all the major networks. Many feel this lack of coverage was deliberate, because the issues raised in the Gosnell trial don’t pass the “political correctness” test. (Kirsten Powers blew the whistle on her fellow journalists earlier this week.)

Here is the story:  Kermit Gosnell is on trial  for murder—and the details that have surfaced in this trial are horrifying.

The Gosnell Trial: A First Hand Account

Below is a first hand account from one of the few journalists who has attended the Gosnell trial and is courageous enough to go against the tide of “political correctness” and share a first hand account.

What I Saw At The Gosnell Trial



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Download the Kermit Gosnell Grand Jury Report HERE


John Nielsen is a social entrepreneur who, having served all of his adult life championing young people on four continents, is now speaking out passionately against global human trafficking. (Copyright 2013– Justice For Youth. All rights reserved.)



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