Today, all over Europe, human dignity activists are celebrating humanity by bringing awareness to modern day slavery. Trafficking has grown to now over 30 million people globally and continues to increase. Europe has become a hot bed for traffickers. The West has the money and the East has the girls. With open borders for trade, illegal prostitution grows and most girls are forced into this kind of heart breaking life-style.

Statistics show that over 70% of all prostitutes are forced into prostitution and 95% of those that are not forced would not sell themselves if they felt they had another option in life. This is a shame. Poverty breads prostitution and traffickers are taking advantage of this volatile situation.

europe anti-slavery dayThis is especially true in Ukraine. Throughout Europe 3 out of 4 prostitutes are Ukrainian. The poor living conditions and future outlook are so bleak that many Ukrainian girls are being deceived into the modern day slave trade. Awareness is the biggest need to help curb this growing threat.

Above is a photo of a human trafficking awareness campaign led by A21 on the main square of Kyiv, Ukraine. Their creative flash mob presentation helped to bring awareness to the hundreds of people gathered to watch and listen.

Something is being done in Ukraine but there is so much more to do. As Ukraine moves forward into the modern world, trafficking will only increase….. Unless people like you and me make a difference. Way to go A21. We’re coming to do out part as well!

Kelly Hoodikoff is Co-founder of JFY and an article contributor. He has worked in the area of anti-human trafficking since 2006. He presently lives in Eastern Europe and is active in bringing awareness to the problem of human slavery. (Copyright 2013– Justice For Youth. All rights reserved.)
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