Anti-Trafficking Campaigns in Moldova Schools

human trafficking awarenessVadul Li Sac. Rushu. Krihana. Valeni. Gavanosi. Have you ever heard of these names? Well, they are actually small towns located in the southern part of Moldova where Justice For Youth staff have conducted anti-trafficking campaigns in local schools. In our seminars hundreds of young people heard about the horror’s of trafficking and, with great interest, raised their hands to ask one question after another.

Who do traffickers target? How do they lure girls into the sex trade? How can we recognize phony advertisements?
These were some of the main questions raised by public school students eagerly wanting to prevent the trap of slavery.

Thousands of young people from Moldova become victims to the modern slave trade and the villages are one of the main targets. Poverty has created fertile soil for youth to easily consider job offers abroad or even in the capitol city of Chisinau. Villages are less educated to this problem because of isolation and a lack of communication. Young people are looking for a way out and any offer sounds good to them. Their desperate situations lead to poor choices.

But there is hope. As we get the word out to young people through the JFY school campaigns, word is beginning to spread. Signs of trafficking are now being spotted and recognized and villagers are equipped to help stop slavery in southern Moldova. Village life can be difficult and opportunities to work abroad are very intriguing. The glamour of international travel or big city life are always a temptation for young people but JFY awareness campaigns are giving the tools to make travel and job offers a safer adventure.

May many more questions come our way! The word is spreading!

Kelly Hoodikoff is Co-founder of JFY and an article contributor. He has worked in the area of anti-human trafficking since 2006. He presently lives in Eastern Europe and is active in bringing awareness to the problem of human slavery. (Copyright 2013– Justice For Youth. All rights reserved.)
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