human trafficking preventionHuman Trafficking Prevention Campaign Getting It Done In The Schools of Moldova

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe today. The challenges of the economy have helped to breed all sorts of crime and illegal activity. One of the most horrific crimes of all is the trafficking of young people for sexual exploitation and slavery. Thousands of Euro’s monthly are promised for jobs abroad but these false advertisements often lead to global trafficking. This problem has grown exponentially in Moldova since 2004 and lives are being devastated!

Human Trafficking Prevention: Systematic and Strategic

JFY has been bringing awareness to young people across the nation through school presentations and city-wide awareness campaigns for the last 2 years. Our school campaigns are a systematic and strategic approach to helping stop trafficking in the nation. The more people hear, the more they are prepared to prevent trafficking.

We feel reaching young people in the schools is one of the most effective ways to prevent human trafficking. JFY now has full time staff going to each school and orphanage¬†in the nation , serving as a grassroots “Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force,”¬† conducting a quality presentation and a leaving a poster in a prominent place. The campaign is in full motion now and we hope to cover the whole nation, with the help of volunteers, within the next few years. The poster, shown in the photo below, has a special hotline number for people to call for more information on trafficking. The hotline operator will also help research job offers to make sure they are legitimate.

These systematic efforts to stop human trafficking are presently being conducted in the southern Moldova city of Cahul and the nearby villages. Cahul’s school #3 has hundreds of students now more aware about the dangers of trafficking. Thank you for your partnership to prevent trafficking in Moldova and Eastern Europe.

Justice For Youth Poster

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