dubain traffickingDubai Trafficking Ring

If you talk with the police or read government statements regarding the trafficking of persons in the Dubai, officials adamantly contend that human trafficking is not a problem in UAE’s capital city. The unofficial reality is different.

Becoming one of the most traveled hubs in the world, Dubai is an ever growing hub of international exchange. Global business and tourism breeds opportunities for prostitution and, unfortunately, human trafficking becomes inevitable. The demand for more girls and younger girls has increased with virgins becoming a highly desired commodity throughout the Middle East.

Disturbing Pictures of  Modern Day Slavery

During my recent trip to Dubai, I was able to visit a few night clubs where girls were on display for anyone willing to pay enough Dirham. After a full night of dancing, the girls are put on display to be sold around 3am. Men, from different nationalities, pick and choose as they like and most don’t realize that many of these girls are being trafficked against their will. Girls from Asia and Eastern Europe are most popular and you could only imagine the pain and horror they are going through.

Breeding Ground For Modern Day Slavery

Dubai is breeding modern day slavery. It’s going to be difficult to see trafficking stop in the Middle East since there as so many human rights violations going on and little international accountability. Exposing the problem  modern slavery through media is one way and JFY hopes to see school campaigns throughout that part of the world some day as well.

Kelly Hoodikoff is Co-founder of JFY and an article contributor. He has worked in the area of anti-human trafficking since 2006. He presently lives in Eastern Europe and is active in bringing awareness to the problem of human slavery. (Copyright 2013– Justice For Youth. All rights reserved.)
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