human trafficking prevention Stopping Human Trafficking  Before It Starts

The Justice For Youth Human Trafficking Prevention Campaign, focusing on schools throughout Moldova, began full-time in Southern Moldova in March of 2013.  One school per day has heard the presentation and hung a poster for all to see in the front lobby. At JFY, one of our human trafficking prevention goals is to reach each of the approximately 2000 schools in the nation of Moldova. Momentum has grown and we hope to see multiplication of our volunteer  Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force later this fall.

Schools are closed in the summer months and in our efforts to stop human trafficking, JFY is busy developing a strategic plan to complete its goal of presenting seminars to every school in the southern region of the country by the end of 2013. Every school we contact has warmly embraced our program. School directors and teachers continue to express gratitude that we have raised awareness on the phenomenon of human trafficking among their students and have armed them with ways to prevent human trafficking. In some cases we have seen tears of concern stream down the faces of teachers.

Teachers: Eager For Human Trafficking Prevention Tools

During our question and answer sessions, it is not uncommon for some of the teachers to be the first to ask about human trafficking prevention training. After years of investment, no teacher wants to see the life of a child thrown away by one wrong decision. These young people are innocent but, because of the lack of awareness, many are deceived into a life of brutal sexual and emotional slavery. Once ensnared, those who are lucky enough to escape  are often scarred for years with internal trauma that needs careful attention and counseling.

September is coming and soon the schools will open again.  JFY needs financial partners to continue funding this critical campaign for justice and freedom in Southern Moldova. Please consider investing in this important cause by through our online portal or by sending in a check. A gift of $40 will get the word out to over 200 children and equip them to recognize the trapping of slavery. Join us!

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