US Lawmakers Introduce Child Sex Trafficking Bill

Last month, we blogged about a rescue of more than 100 sexually exploited children by the FBI in Operation Cross Country, a nationwide sweep of sex traffickers in the US. Some 150 people were arrested, mostly “pimps” who profit from sexually exploiting children.child sex trafficking bill

We are glad to report that as a result of last month’s breakthrough, lawmakers in the United States have “kicked it up a notch” with a child sex  trafficking bill geared at prevention. A bill was introduced last week in Congress, the End Sex Trafficking Act of 2013, going a step further, calling for those “patrons” who seek sex with children to also be federally prosecuted.

Soliciting or obtaining sex with minors, paying to have sex with a child, is a crime — period, end of story. This is a monumentally important bill that will do more to curb this terrible crime of [sexual] slavery in the 21st Century.




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